Simon Lake and Lake Gilchrist Restoration and Protection in the Chippewa River Watershed

This project intends to restore water quality in Lake Gilchrist, Simon Lake, Lake Johanna and in Mud Creek, and to protect unimpaired water resources in the watershed. We are focusing on the reduction of phosphorus, sediment, and runoff in the landscape, primarily by increasing the landscape's ability to retain water in two minor watersheds, -401 and -603.


Cost-share and/or incentive dollars are available through the Chippewa River Watershed Project for specific practices:  streambank and shoreline restorations, critical seeding of perennial native species on vulnerable slopes, rotational grazing systems that might include exclusion fencing and alternative watering systems, conservation tillage, cover crops and water/sediment control basins.


Contact Bryan 320-492-2526 or Jennifer 320-321-1718 for more information about this program.


Funding for project is from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) through the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.