There are cost-share and incentive dollars available to landowners in the entire Chippewa River Watershed

Each person has the ability to choose to implement Best Management Practices for water quality in their daily life. The CRWP’s goal is to help make these changes happen through education, training, and monetary incentives.

The Chippewa River Watershed Project offers cost-share assistance in conjunction with many programs already established by our partners, but also offers unique programming such as Shoreline Restoration, Rain Gardens, Alternative Tile Intakes, and Manure Management Planning. 

The Local Work Group of the Chippewa River Watershed Project is comprised of CRWP staff and CRWP partners with technical knowledge and experience with Best Management Practices.  The LWG meets to propose, discuss and approve cost-share and incentive dollar expenditures across the basin. 


The LWG meets monthly in  Glenwood.  Contact Jennifer if you are interested in being a member of the LWG or have a water quality improvement project to present to the LWG.

Implementation Projects could be new structures, new land use decisions, alternate farming options, or lowering individual risks to the environment, but whatever method; implementing clean water boils down to change and things are changing in the Chippewa River Watershed.