Fast Facts

  • Chippewa River Watershed drains a 2,080 square mile (1.3 million acre) basin
  • The Chippewa River Basin is divided into 127 minor watersheds
  • Portions of 8 counties make-up the Chippewa River Watershed including: Otter Tail, Grant, Stevens, Douglas, Pope, Swift, Kandiyohi, and Chippewa
  • The Chippewa River starts near Fish Lake and flows 130 miles to its mouth in Montevideo where it joins the Minnesota River
  • The total stream network of intermittent and perennial streams is over 2,000 miles
  • Main tributaries are Shakopee Creek, Little Chippewa River, Dryweather Creek, and East Branch Chippewa
  • Major lakes of the watershed are Minnewaska, Emily, Norway, Florida, Games, Andrew, Chippewa and Reno
  • Approximately 41,000 people live in the watershed
  • Prominent communities include: Brandon, Hoffman, Glenwood, Starbuck, Hancock, Benson, Kerkhoven, and Montevideo
  • Primary land use in the watershed is agricultural

“Maya Waka wapan” Dakota for remarkable river with steep places

The Chippewa River and its tributaries is a truly remarkable watershed of vast agricultural, industrial, and recreational opportunities.

About the Chippewa River