Chippewa River Watersheld Project staff is available free of charge for speaking engagements and demostrations for audiences of all ages. The Chippewa River Watershed Project is a great resource for all of your river related questions


The Chippewa River Watershed Project focuses heavily on education activities and special projects that reach the watershed community and further the restoration effort.

Outreach Activities

  • Monthly Meetings

  • Annual Meeting

  • Newsletters

  • Newspaper Ads, Articles and Press Releases

  • Classroom presentations

  • Kiwanis Club Presentations

  • Presenter at Douglas County Water Festival, Chippewa SWCD Fields Days, Southwest Environmental Fair, 4-H Nature Inspectors Day Camp, and Girl Scouts Camp

  • Open Houses throughout the watershed

  • Displays booths at Pope, Chippewa and Swift County Fairs

  • Stormwater Awareness Programs

  • Bus Tours

  • Watershed Learning Trunk

  • Activities at the Ambush Park Outdoor Learning Center