Chippewa River Sediment Reduction 319 Grant Fund

The purpose of the Chippewa River Sediment Reduction project is address the nine impaired stream segments identified in the Chippewa River Turbidity TMDL by targeting areas of erosion in Upper Reaches of the Chippewa River and to broaden adoption of sustainable landscape changes associated with the increase of continuous living cover and water retention in areas of the watershed that contribute to turbidity impairments. 


The work of this project has dual focus: 1) significant sediment reductions in the Upper Reaches of the Chippewa River, primarily the impaired stream segment -503 to achieve goals as outlined by Chippewa River Turbidity TMDL goals and 2) promote perennial and/or living cover practices in the the other  8 turbidity impaired stream segments.

$236,000 Available to landowners for these targeted practices:

  • water and sediment control basins

  • waterways (grassed and lined)

  • grade stabilization

  • livestock runoff treatment and control

  • cover crops**

  • grazing management practices**


**Selection 2 HUCs only eligible for these two practices

Sediment Reduction Project Request Form