Overall Goal
“The Chippewa River Watershed Project seeks to improve water quality and flooding problems within the Chippewa River watershed while promoting a healthy agricultural, industrial, and recreation-based economy for the region.”


Ten-Year Goals


  • To achieve the highest level of water quality attainable for ecoregion streams

  • To increase the number of watershed residents taking an active role in enhancing and protecting the Chippewa River

  • To continue to have the watershed community of agencies and organizations bonded together as a group working toward the common goal of improved water quality

  • To develop the Chippewa River as a major recreational resource within the Minnesota River Basin


Current staff on board with the project.


Kylene Olson, Executive Director, provides overall coordination for the project and pulls together an inclusive advisory committee of local, state, federal agencies, non-profit organizations, and citizens. She oversees all the financial activity of the project. She is responsible for applying for and administering any grant monies received.


Jennifer Hoffman, Watershed Specialist, concentrates on education campaigns and special projects throughout the watershed. She convenes the Local Work Group and handles best management practices payments to landowners.  She works hard on creating flyers, pamphlets, presentations and displays that easily convey the watershed message. She targets students and landowners alike. 


Monitoring Technician, heads up all the monitoring activities for the Chippewa River Watershed Project. This position is kept busy collecting water quality and water quantity data, analyzing data. The CRWP works hard to collect credible data that can be transformed into usable information for making informed land use decisions.



About the Chippewa Watershed Project


1992: Gov. Arne Carlson declared MN River should be fishable and swimmable in 10 years

1996: Parties interested in the Chippewa River started meeting to discuss options under the facilitation of the Land Swewardship Project

1997: Submitted a clean Water Partnership Phase I Diagnostic study grant application to the MN Pollution Control Agency

1998:March Awarded $308,660 for 3-year Diagnostic Study. The Project formally Begins

Diagnostic Study 1998-2000

2000: Diagnostic study completed, final report written. Phase II implementation grant application submitted to MPCA

2001: Awarded $469,372 for 3-year Phase II Implementation with focus on Shakopee Creek.

2001: Shakopee Creek Headwaters Project awarded $225,676 in federal 319 funds for implementation projects

2002: Awarded $120,840 in federal 319 funds for priority sub-basin East Branch Chippewa River

2002:Awarded $4,400 for Biomonitoring Program through EPA Education Grant

2002: Awarded $6,000 for Make-A-Splash project through DNR Education Grant

2003: Awarded $170,860 in federal 319 funds for priority sub-basin Lower Main Stem Chippewa River